50 behaviors for the attainment of optimal health:

  1. Biggest Meal in the AM, Smallest in the evening (last meal)
  2. Eat smaller, more frequent meals (every 2.5 – 3 hours)
  3. Eat Majority of Carbohydrates in the AM (moderate carbs post workout)
  4. Drink at least 12 8oz glasses of water a day (generalization)
  5. Eat an adequate amount of protein everyday (dairy, meats, beans, etc.)
  6. Move as often as possible!
  7. Eat “Naked Foods” like fruit, dairy, vegetables, etc.
  8. Avoid processed foods (canned foods, breads, etc.)
  9. Avoid high glycemic carbohydrates (sugar, cornflakes, instant potatoes, etc.)
  10. Bring your own food to dinner (i.e. KNOW what you are eating. KNOW how many calories are in your food.)
  11. Do not eat within two to three hours of going to bed
  12. When Scheduled – Schedule!
  13. If you fail to Plan – Plan to fail!
  14. Learn HOW to eat
  15. Exercise every day
  16. Quit tobacco
  17. Minimize consumption of alcoholic beverages
  18. Check your blood pressure every week
  19. Check your cholesterol
  20. Check your blood sugars
  21. Get an annual physical from your doctor
  22. If you are female and over 40, get a mammogram
  23. If you are female, follow your doctors recommendations on pap smears
  24. If you are male and over 50, have your prostate checked
  25. If you are over 50, get a screening colonoscopy
  26. Have your doctor do a coronary risk profile
  27. Visit your dentist for a exam and cleaning every six months
  28. Floss daily
  29. Brush your teeth after each meal
  30. Eat your fruit and vegetables
  31. Limit your eating out to once or twice a week
  32. Avoid liquid calories (pop, alcohol, “health” drinks such as Gatorade©)
  33. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day
  34. Wear your seatbelt every time you get in a car
  35. Wear a helmet while riding a bike, 4-wheeler, snowmobile, or motorcycle
  36. Wear sunscreen when exposed directly to the sun for any length of time
  37. Sleep at least six hour a night
  38. Practice stress reduction
  39. Spend quality time with loved ones and children
  40. Watch less than one hour of television a day
  41. Play with animals when you have the opportunity
  42. Go for a hike (spend time outside)
  43. Practice spiritual routines (pray, meditate, go to church)
  44. Join a health club or an accountability group
  45. Drive the speed limit
  46. Be in a hurry for nothing!
  47. Be wise with finances – do not live beyond your means
  48. Treat your co-workers with the utmost respect
  49. Take your vitamins and minerals as recommended by your doctor
  50. Be sure you are up to date with your immunizations
  51. Listen to your mother