Dr. Willey's Speaking Bio

Dr. Willey is an osteopathic physician; board certified with the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine, The American Board of Holistic Medicine and The American Board of Bariatric Medicine. His areas of expertise include nutritional and exercise medicine with an emphasis in preventive medicine.

Dr. Willey’s lectures are engaging and speak to people in virtually every stage of life. Viewers come away with nutritional tips and tricks that will help them feel better, live longer, and embrace life. Dr. Willey is an expert at mingling solid, researched medical facts with humor, and he keeps his audiences engaged and listening for more. He is adept at reading audiences and giving them the information that will benefit them nutritionally and medically, and audience members frequently comment that he inspires them to change their habits and lifestyle.

While completing pre-med requirements at Colorado State University, Dr. Willey often felt disheartened that most health care providers did NOT discuss the impact of diet and exercise with their patients. Most medical care resulted in a prescription for medications while avoiding the topics of nutrition and an exercise program.  When asking a physician colleague about the importance of nutrition and exercise, he replied, “There is no time for that, and besides, no one listens if you do.”

Dr. Willey was dumbfounded. He found that if he was not careful, he would fall into the trap of being a DISEASE CARE provider versus a HEALTH CARE provider (focusing more on a disease state than a healthy state).  This focused his practice to be primarily centered on diet and exercise: teaching people how to eat, not just to “diet.”

Following graduation from medical school, Dr. Willey went on to the Mayo Clinic for a 36 month residency in family medicine. At the completion of his residency, he started the Fitness Medicine Clinic in Colorado, a full-service weight loss and age management clinic. Wanting to offer his optimal health program to more people, he left the private-pay clinic to move to an urgent care format where he can see a larger variety and number of clients.

Dr. Willey is the medical director at Physicians Immediate Care Center where he supervises the provision of walk-in family medicine, a growing occupational medicine service, urgent care, and Southeast Idaho’s most successful weight loss program. He serves as a consultant to several nutritional companies, a freelance author for many fitness magazines, and he has been found speaking at several engagements about nutrition, exercise and health management.

Dr. Willey is the author of three books, a medical text book, a self help book:“What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked? Your Guide To Optimal Health” and “Better Than Steroids.”  What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked? introduces Dr. Willey’s approach with weight loss and body composition management, and serves as a guide to optimal health. Better Than Steroids takes a closer look at the power of nutrition and the development of lean muscle mass. Both books can be purchased at www.eatright4u.com .