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The concepts, science, and ideas behind Walk-In Weight Loss started some twenty years ago when Dr. Willey was a personal trainer at a number of gyms where he grew up in Colorado. As his knowledge grew and he completed medical school and residency training in Family Medicine at The Mayo Clinic, he started a large, exclusive fee-for-service weight loss clinic.  The clinic was very successful, however Dr. Willey wanted the ability to offer his service and system to as many people as he could.  He came up with idea of primary care providers (DO’s, MD’s, PA’s, NP’s, DC’s, etc.) providing weight loss service to their patients. As obvious as this may sound, and to the surprise of many, most medical professionals are not trained in diet and exercise strategies.  Dr. Willey was very successful at weight loss with his patients, but he had neither the time nor energy to service the thousands upon thousands that could benefit from his system.  With a number of obstacles in the way, Dr. Willey decided to give it a try.  His first step was to move to Southeast Idaho and purchase an urgent care / walk-in medicine facility to get the concept going.  He then trained some mid-level medical providers in the system.  It started to perform very well, however he hit a snag.  One of the unique features of Walk-In Weight Loss is the ability to personalize menus for every patient.  This takes a detailed knowledge of food, macronutrients, serving sizes, timing, substitutions, caloric amounts, etc. – something Dr. Willey had, but not the mid-levels working with him.  As the numbers of patients in the weight loss clinic grew, so did the amount of work Dr. Willey had to do – personalizing each and every eating plan for each and every patient.  It was this experience that prompted the development of the Walk-In Wight Loss System that includes patient protocols, tools, handouts and software that would allow him to convey his skills and knowledge to other medical providers.

In short, many local physicians began to see the power of his approach to weight loss and they began requesting more and more information to the point of them asking for help implementing a system in their own clinics.  Hence – Walk-In Weight Loss was developed.  Since its implementation in Dr. Willey’s clinic, a number of clinics around the country have started their own Walk-In Weight Loss service. 

If you would be interested in your medical provider learning more about the Walk-In Weight Loss service, please have them contact us at 1.866.688.WIWL(9495).




Weight and Health Renewal

5831 Bee Ridge Rd. Suite 310

Sarasota, Florida 34233





Bingham Memorial Hospital

98 Poplar St.

Blackfoot, Idaho 83221




Physicians Immediate Care Center

134 W. Chubbuck Rd.

Chubbuck, Idaho 83202



Idaho Falls


Family First Medical Center

3614 Washington Parkway

Idaho Falls, ID 83404




Mountain View Hospital

2730 Channing Way

Idaho Falls, ID 83404


Mountain View Redicare / Taylor Crossing Redicare

915 S. Utah Ave.

Idaho Falls, ID 83404




Rexburg Medical Center

393 E. 2nd N.

Rexburg, ID 83440




Star Medical Clinic

9838 W. State St.

Star, ID 83669





Body Allure

9700 Park Plaza Ave., Suite 204

Louisville, KY 40241


Toll Free (877) 32-BOTOX




2541 E. Carson St.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203





Jacinto Medical Group

2800 Garth Rd.

Baytown, TX 77521


La Porte

Jacinto Medical Group

1309 W. Fairmont Parkway

La Porte, TX 77571



Care United Medical Center

426 Old FM 548 Suite 124

Forney, Texas 75126


San Antonio

le Salon di Bellezza

920 San Pedro

San Antonio, Texas 78212





Wade Family Medicine

520 E. Medical Dr. Suite 210

Bountiful, UT 84010




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