About Walk-In Weightloss

Currently, there are a number of approaches to weight loss:

  • Hcg Injections with low calorie diets
  • Very low calorie diets (starvation)
  • Appetite suppression prescription drugs
  • Heavy exercise
  • Nutritional Supplements (vitamins, protein bars, shakes, pre-packaged meals)
  • Surgery (bypass, banding, ballooning, etc)
  • Gimmicks


Our Approach to Weight Loss is different:

  • Individualized to the patient
  • Harness the power of food (food timing)
  • Provide education to promote long-term success
  • Built on everyday foods (patients likes/dislikes)
  • Specific- What do I eat today, tomorrow, etc?
  • Based on metabolic rate (lean mass)
  • Financially viable for health care providers and affordable to the patients


How can our system benefit you?

  • Time tested, extremely effective approach to weight loss
  • Training and education
  • Tools you need to help patients lose weight
  • Comprehensive web-based software
  • Guided implementation
  • Branded handouts and marketing pieces
  • Powerful ancillary revenue source for your clinic
  • Training


Each implementing site is unique:

  • Training is customized to your existing set-up and needs
  • All training includes use of software and understanding of the science/art of weight loss
  • Clearly defined roles between all users 
  • Help train each of these members on their specific roles within the setting  


An Individualized Approach

  • How do you select calorie amount?
  • Selecting and eating style
  • Incorporate favorite foods
  • Select personalized exercise program
  • Level of exercise program
  • Style of exercise program



A software platform branded to your clinic that will:

  • Give you the ability to track, record, graph, and print patients progress and successes
  • Allow patients to pick and modify favorite foods
  • Our staff will write a variety of eating plans variety based on your client's body composition and favorite foods that can then be printed or emailed
  • Provide a branded shopping list for the patients
  • Prescribe customized exercise plans based on a patients existing lifestyle and capabilities

  • Facilitate follow-up and answers to questions

Next Steps

  • Set up a Web-ex demonstration by calling 1.866.688.9495
  • Non-Disclosure & Licensing Agreement
  • Send us your Logo for personalized branding of software, handouts, and marketing materials
  • Schedule training
  • Schedule a launch date