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Overtraining: Learn The Causes, How To Identify, & Prevention Tips.
I have had a number of people report to me with similar complaints: fatigue, muscle tension, prolonged soreness... After a thorough review I discovered they had been overtraining. Get details on causes, identification tips, and more right here!

Section: Training :: Oct 22, 2007
A Guide To Getting Cut: 4 Critical Components To Getting Lean!
Everyone wants to be ripped. I do not care who you are or what you do. Having a lean, cut physique is a goal of everyone... I will teach you how to get ripped. Here are 4 components for improving nutrition & monitoring to get cut!

Section: Training :: Jan 04, 2008
A Unique Approach To Fight Obesity - Build More Muscle!
I am writing this to encourage each and every one of you reading it to become actively involved in helping with the obesity epidemic. How? The solution to obesity is to increase muscle... learn more.

Section: Training :: Jun 25, 2008
A Unique Approach To Fight Obesity (Part 2): Medical Provider Referrals!
Personal trainers need to get in contact with medical providers for referrals. In this brief article I am going to touch on some simple approaches for you to take to talk to doctors... Learn more.
Section: Training :: Nov 18, 2008