Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Walk In Weightloss Program Offered At Our center?
The Weight Loss Program is a provider-directed weight loss service developed by Dr. Warren Willey. We focus on your overall health and how it applies to your weight loss goals (your energy, sleeping patterns, lifestyle, stress level, etc. are all included in the overall exam and optimal health recommendations). Your Walk-In Weighloss provider will give you recommendations that not only help you drop pant/dress sizes but will keep you healthy for years. We are interested in more than scale weight. We monitor your body composition (body fat and muscle) so your body is functioning at optimal levels. And, we want you to come back and tell us what works and what doesn’t, so we can fine tune what YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle needs! The system focuses on getting YOUR questions answered at follow-up visits. The weight loss program is designed to help you increase your lean muscle and decrease your body fat...weight loss is a side effect! During the early stages of our program, most patients recognize that their clothes fit a little more loose, their energy levels go up, sex life begins to improve, and that a general feeling of vitality is returning.

What Is The Difference Between This Physician-Directed Program And Other Weight Loss Services Such As Atkins Or South Beach Diet?
Our program develops an individualized eating plan designed to maximize your body’s hormone response and metabolism. We incorporate principles of food timing as researched and developed by Dr. Willey versus other trendy macro-nutrient restrictive eating plans.

Can My Spouse/Partner And I Come In Together?
Yes! In fact, we see greater levels of success when spouses are working toward similar goals. Because every person’s body and needs are different, we will do separate testing and recommendations, but we will try and keep the menus similar so that spouses/partners can enjoy preparing and eating meals together.

I Feel Like I Am Beginning To Lose Weight Because My Pants Are Fitting More Loosely, But My Scale Weight Hasn’t Changed. What Is Going On?
Be patient and don’t let the scale undermine the accomplishments that are taking place. Your eating plan is designed to help you increase your lean muscle and decrease body fat. At first, results are often felt and perceived via changes other than scale weight. Patients often report that clothing begins to feel a little different, or they are squeezing into pants they didn’t fit into before beginning the eating plan. Because individuals are increasing their lean muscle mass, scale weight is oftentimes not effected in dramatic ways in the beginning stages. This is why we recommend you follow up every two to three weeks for body composition testing. During those follow up appointments, we will show you increases in lean muscle mass and decreases in body fat even though the scale may not be changing at your desired rate. If you stay persistent, you will note the changes in scale weight that you desire. Remember there are no quick fixes. This truly is a wellness program. As time passes, lean muscle increases a person’s metabolic rate, and soon you will turn into a fat burning machine!

Why Use Body Composition Testing In A Weight Loss Program?
Fat is absolutely necessary for good health. Fat plays an important role in protecting internal organs, regulating hormones and providing energy. Lean mass is everything except the fat. It includes muscle, water, bone, and internal organs. Muscle is the “metabolic engine” of the body that burns calories (fat) and plays an important role in maintaining strength and energy. Too much fat accumulation may compromise your health while healthy levels of lean mass contribute to physical fitness and overall health.

How Do I Increase My Lean Muscle Mass?
The best way to increase muscle is through PROPER EATING and resistance training. Food timing is a principle that will be explained by your provider at your weight loss consult. In essence, it is finding the optimal time to eat specific macro-nutrients. Some of our patients lose weight and improve their body composition just by understanding food timing and how it impacts the body’s physiology.