Are We Needed?


  • 82% of overweight and obese patients want help from their family physicians

  • Davis NJ, Emerenini A., Wylie-Rosett J. Obesity management: physician practicepatterns and patient preference. Diabetes Education. Jul-Aug 2006; 32(4): 557-561.

  • Most overweight and obese patinets are frustrated that their physicians provide closed-ended messages about what to do rather than how to do it

  • Almost all overweight and obese patients want detailed, individualized weight loss plans from their family physicians

  • Over 75% of overweight and obese patients want their family physicians to be active parts of their weight management treatment including monitoring their progress

  • The main themes identified from a patient focus group on physicians addressing obesity include: (1) Patients want their physicians to initiate discussions about weight, and (2) Patients want individualized advice and recommendations

  • Beran MS, Fowles JB, Kind EA, Craft CE. State of the Art Reviews: Patient and physician communication about weight Management: Can we close the gap: American Journal of Life Medicine. February 1, 2008; 2(1): 75-83. Tan D, Zwar NA, Dennis SM, Vagholkar S. Weight management in general practice: What do patients want? Medical Journal of Australia. July 17, 2006; 185(2); 73-75.


    Have you ever told your patients to lose weight?  How many times have you been asked how to lose weight by your patients?  We can help you impliment Therapeutic Lifestyle Counseling that works for weight loss and capture the cash other retail weight loss services are collecting! Walk-in Weightloss is a systematic approach to Therapeutic Lifestyle Counseling that results in a powerful weight loss program. Our medical provider consultation service includes a brandable approach to patient protocols, handouts, and consultations that help providers implement a successful weight-loss program in almost any practice setting.


    There are many creative ways to advertise and increase interest in the Walk-In Weightloss program and your clinic. This video clip shows how a clinic in Idaho worked with a local news station to promote their program. The news station aired a 'Live to Lose' series which featured five patients from the clinic's WIWL program.  To see additional clips from the series please visit:























    Walk In Weight Loss with Aaron Kunz


    What Does Walk-In Weightloss Include?

    A software portal branded to your clinic that will:

    • Track/graph patient progress and demonstrate pateint success
    • Allow patients to pick and then modify their favorite and not-so-favorite foods
    • Help you write a variety of different kinds of email ready or printable eating plans in minutes based on patient’s body composition and favorite foods
    • Provide a shopping list for the patients
    • Prescribe customized exercise plans based on a patient’s existing lifestyle and capabilities
    • Facilitate follow-up visits and answers to the most common weight loss questions
    • Provide a secure online data storage and resource center for participating patients
    • Training and guidance from our Walk In Weightloss experts. We can take a health care provider with little or no dietary training and quickly turn him/her into a powerful weight loss change-agent
    • Marketing material branded to your clinic
    • A template/script for your receptionists, nurses and providers to help market and then execute the Walk-In Weightloss Program
    • A template to guide you through the initial weight loss consult and follow-up consults
    • Directions on how to measure body composition and prescribe individualized eating plans
    • A participant tool kit that includes patient handouts to help educate, motivate, and market your weightloss program
    • A template to measure objective and subjective measurements to keep patients motivated

    Make Your Patients' Fat Loss Your Financial Gain

    "A Powerful Ancillary Revenue Service"

    Every diet and exercise program out there encourages patients to consult with their health care provider before starting.  Walk-In Weight Loss allows you to be the pivot of weight loss success!  Many of our physician partners tell us that weight loss success has developed into a powerful ancillary revenue model!

    Our Experience Shows:

    • The average branded implementation generates at least 10 new patients a week. Those with a higher rate of adoption can see more than 30
    • Average additional yearly revenue ranges between $50,00 and $100,000
    • Most practices find that Walk-In Weightloss generates enough revenue to pay off their initial fee and first year monthley licensing fee within the first quarter of program implementation
    • Weight loss consults may be cash pay or often charged through insurance
    • No products to sell, no gimmicks



    See how a team of Kentucky physicians is implementing the WIWL program in their clinic:


    Software that guides weight loss interventions

    The cornerstone of the Walk-in Weightloss system is the brandable, web-based software that clinicians use to administrate their weight loss program.

    This software enables a clinician (physician, mid-level, dietician, nurse, other) to track objective metabolic data (body composition, HbA1C, etc.), estimate appropriate caloric needs for prospective weight loss patients, and create perfect, individualized patient eating plans regardless of the end-users educational preparation.  Once the provider has determined caloric needs and the style of eating plan they want their patient to be engaged in, the staff at Walk-In Weight Loss will write your patient’s menus, based on your instructions and your patients’ food preferences and needs and have them sent to your patients email. Once the patients download the menus, associated shopping list, exercise programs, etc. – it will look as if they all came from your office! Minimal work for the busy provider, incredible ROI. 

    Our software and handouts can be branded to an existing practice and can take a health care provider with little or no dietary training and quickly turn him/her into a powerful weight loss professional.

    An educational toolkit and more! 

    A weight loss participant toolkit as well as supporting marketing pieces and clinic paperwork which provides patients and providers everything needed for a successful weightloss. These handouts include:

    • Welcome Letter
    • 12 Steps To Optimal Health
    • Exercise Is Medicine
    • Diet Prescription Page
    • Exercise Sheet-Cardio
    • Exercise Sheet-Resistance
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Free Carbohydrates
    • Initial Measurement Form
    • How Do I Get My Eating Plan?
    • Stress Reduction
    • Subjective And Objective tracking form
    • Measurements
    • Diet Prescription Page
    • Weight Loss For The Masses marketing tool

    Walk In Weightloss is NOT:

    Walk-In Weightloss is not:

    • A medication
    • A food supplement
    • A protein bar
    • A meal-replacement shake
    • A “canned” program
    • A gimmick
    • A piece of exercise equipment

    If you would like more information please call 1.866.688.9495 between 7 am and 6 pm (Mountain Time) Monday - Friday.